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Non Profit PR
Raising Funds for a charitable cause is truly a selfless effort, but one needs a public relations strategy to be successful.

Board Volunteers - 
More Than Name Only, Please
Volunteers from the business community play an important role for non-profits. These volunteers help provide guidance, oversight, communication and education about the cause, and most importantly, leadership.

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Public Relations
is for Every Small Business 
If you think that your type or size of
business doesnít have the resources to practice public relations, you are missing out on opportunities for gaining exposure that could lead to more business coming your way.

How Can You Survive a Crisis?
Plan on It
Itís a quiet Monday morning. Your distribution center is getting ready for the daily deliveries when a tire blows out on one of your trucks. The truck tips over and careens into the loading dock, injuring the driver and starting a fire.  Immediately, television camera crews are on the scene. Questions fly. "Did you maintain your trucks properly?" "Was alcohol involved?" "How are your customers going to get deliveries?"